The hands-free open book holder

Bookhug - the hands-free open book holder

What is a Bookhug®?

The Bookhug is a convenient and simple holder for large and small books.

It is attractive, compact, and unbreakable.

Bookhug answers the need for a simple and convenient device to hold a book open, making it readable without the use of hands.

This novel solution to a longstanding problem will find uses in the home, in school, and in the office. The Bookhug requires no assembly or set-up. It is compact and simple to use and handles most books, hard or soft cover, up to one and a half inches thick. Read more about Bookhug.

Suggested Retail: $13.95 (14.95 CDN)

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The Bookhug can be found at many fine retail stores across North America. You can also purchase it directly from our website using PayPal.

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What are others saying about our book holder?

"I have Parkinson's and it is extremely hard for me to hold anything still to read. I saw Bookhug at Barnes and Noble and it is an answer to my prayers. It holds my paperbacks and Nook, sits still on the arm of my recliner, and enables me to read again.
Thank you so much for a great invention."
- Nan

"I was very impressed by the Bookhugs, the imaginative and easy to open packaging, and by your friendly and fast service you've got a winner here - it's great!"
- Paul Keery, ON

"I've long used my Bookhug for regular hands-free book reading. But in the less than 24 hrs since I picked up an iPad, I have used it even more. Its angle is perfect for this kind of viewing and typing -- much better than either of the angles available on the otherwise superbly designed Apple iPad case... Thanks from a Bookhug fan"
- B.H., Albuquerque NM "Sent from my iPad"

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Bookhug - the hands-free open book holder

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Made in Canada
Made In Canada