Here's what our customers have said about the Bookhug:

"Dear Bookhug,
My son gave me a Bookhug for Christmas. As an active library patron and owner of (literally) thousands of books I have been looking for ages for a book stand that would be more useful than awkward. Now I'm the envy of my family (I have a feeling more Bookhugs will be entering the household soon). I LOVE my new Bookhug!
- Linda M.

"...I had to write to tell you that my BookHug is perfect for holding the Kindle! I knit and read at the same time and the BookHug is the perfect holder. I just touch the page turn bar when I need to and other than that I don't have to fumble with turning actual physical pages and the BookHug holds the Kindle at just the right angle!......I'm going to recommend the Bookhug to the knitters at Ravelry, which is a knitting community of over 1 million knitters...Thanks for this great product, even though I am now appreciating it more than I ever did before!..."
- D.A. Fleming

"They are great for people with neck pain who have to read things off paper or books for their work. Really nice design. Very simple. Nothing to break. Holds even heavy books well."
- Dr. Tracy Kish BScN, RN, DC, Westwood Health

"I just picked up three Bookhugs from Barnes & Noble in NJ USA and wanted to tell you I love them --- for my iPad!! I added a bit of self stick black craft foam at the bottom two tabs that hold the book open and some at the top roll of the stand so I don't get my iPad scratched... Now not only can I use my iPad for watching movies more comfortably, but I can read all my eBooks easier also!! I am telling everyone I know!! Thanks and keep up the great products!"
- Lynette Young

"I just wanted to thank you for the Bookhug. I have nerve damage in my hands and arms from repetitive stress syndrome and cannot hold books for any length of time. I've tried many book holders and this is the most usable one I've come across. It's even stable enough for me to prop on a pillow across my lap when I am reading in bed. I'm just sorry I've had to live so long without it. I came across it @ Barnes and Noble but I hope you're able to market it in other ways to other people in my situation."
- Sincerely, P.R.

"Bookhug is the ideal tool to hold any book for greater comfort and ease. A must have for any home, office, or kitchen."
- Jill Lublin, bestselling author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic.

"As an author, I regularly consult books and papers while writing. The Bookhug has proven invaluable for keeping a book open when I need to refer to or transcribe specific passages. In addition, by placing a legal-sized clipboard (back to front) or a piece of rigid cardboard in a Bookhug, I can simultaneously view two letter-sized pages, side by side and at a convenient angle. I also use Bookhug to display my book (both closed and open) when I sell it at shows, markets and readings. As you can guess, I own several Bookhugs and wouldn't be without them!"
- Erika Grundmann, author of Dark Sun: Te Rapunga and the Quest of George Dibbern.

I still love my Bookhug! I use it almost daily especially now while I am evaluating transcripts for new students!
T. Gehle, Director of Educational Measurement and Assessment, Chandler, AZ

Made in Canada
Made In Canada